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Just Keep Us Hangin' On - Ⅱ

National Dog Week 1949

William Vanderson, Fishing, 1937

Helen Levitt, New York City, c 1940

A Boy and his dog, ca 1900s

Children from Bradford, England, line up for a dose of medicine during a holiday at Morecambe, May 9, 1939

Geoff Charles, Llangefni children enjoying the sun with their pet rabbit. July 1, 1964

Edwardian boy and dog, early 1900's

A newly-born lamb snuggles up to a sleeping boy, 16th March 1940

William Vanderson, The transport of a swan, 1936.

John Drysdale, from Our Peaceable Kingdom, 1960-70

Boy With Pet Owls ,circa 1911

Circus hippo, harnessed to a cart, 1924

William Vanderson, A keeper at London Zoo with two chameleons decorating his cap, 13th October 1936

William Vanderson, Eight week old tiger cubs belonging to Ranee, a tiger ar Whipsnade zoo, find that their keeper is very useful as a climbing post, 1937

A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer in Mombassa, March 1909, by Underwood and Underwood

На фото изображен ученый Konrad Zacharias Lorenz, эти гусята считают его "мамой"

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